Throughout the development process of Interlayer, we’ve been receiving some questions about our tech stack that we are building the game on. Today we decided to shed light onto those topics along with creating our first devblog post! Let’s begin.

What engine & version?

The very first and simple question. We use Unity 2020. This begs the question, “Were you considering using Unreal Engine?”. Actually, not. All of our developers have extensive knowledge and experience in Unity, so it wouldn’t make any sense to switch to another engine at this moment as it would slow us down dramatically.

Are you using ECS (Entity Component System)?

Yes, we do. Our core is fully built on top of the ECS framework. However, even though ECS brings you a lot of benefits, speeds up the development process & increases overall performance, one can’t deny that some features are quite difficult to implement using pure ECS. That’s why we’ve came to a specific way of using ECS, which we will tell you more about in the future posts about our development process.

Are you using the Hybrid Renderer?

For now, not. At the moment the Hybrid Renderer seems to be not ready for production use as it lacks some important features. When these features are there, we’re planning to switch the rendering to ECS as well.

What Render Pipeline are you using?

We’re currently using the Universal Render Pipeline. It was obvious from the very beginning that we should choose either URP or HDRP. We have decided to use URP for now as HDRP has more requirements to the assets we use, whereas we want to focus more on the gameplay and game mechanics for now, not the graphic part of it.

How did you implement the multiplayer?

We’re using the Unity Netcode package. It’s still in preview, but works pretty well. We’ve had some problems with it that we needed to find workarounds for, but nothing that would stop us from using it. In one of the next posts we tell you more about this topic.

Do you use any assets that you can recommend to other developers?

Well, actually, we use a lot. Here is the list of plugins we can definitely recommend as must have:

Do you have any in-house built assets?

Yes, we share many plugins on GitHub: