Find out what lies in the realm between two opposing universes and learn to survive by using your cybernetic body, advanced technologies, and everything you can craft. Choose from a wide variety of different cybernetic suits and open new abilities when using them. Construct outposts, automate resource gathering, and find out what secrets the wardens of this place want to keep hidden. But most importantly, survive.


The Interlayer is a massive, procedurally generated realm that lies between two opposing universes, one of which we inhabit. All the planets in the Interlayer are connected by a portal network of unknown origin, which allows you to travel between them. Each planet is unique and consists of different biomes, fauna, resources, wardens, and more… and stepping through a portal is the only way to find out what dangers await you there. You are an alien here. Become a part of this place by learning its rules, its inhabitants, and its history, or leave before the Interlayer gets you. Seek out the truth about what happened to this world and maybe, just maybe, survive and return to where you came from.


Fortunately, you possess the advanced knowledge of human civilization, which you will need to survive in this environment. Gather resources of a different kind that are known to you and research the ones humans never encountered before. Construct outposts and power them with electricity from different sources provided by the environment in your area. Automate your resource gathering and protect it by building up your defenses with walls, turrets, and terrain around you. Make sure you have enough energy supply when the night falls because dealing with something you can’t even see might prove challenging…


You were fortunate enough to gain access to state-of-the-art technology and transport your mind into the cybernetic suit, called the CyberShell. The suit gives you strength and abilities to do things a human would never be able to do, but most of all – it lets you switch between CyberShells at will. Don’t forget to power your CyberShell from the energy sources you find around or create your own. Craft tools, armor, weapon and upgrade those by creating unique randomized microchips that alter both stats and behavior of your equipment. Learn new abilities by simply using your suit, weapons, and tools that you prefer. Use new technologies to unlock CyberShells with its own strengths and weaknesses, and find the gameplay style you like the most.


In this dangerous world, you’re not the only Stalker; there are others who came to the Interlayer on their own accord or by force, and teaming up with them might sound like a good idea. Divide the responsibilities for building the biggest bases in the Interlayer. Play as a team by choosing different roles during the fights with the CyberShells you were able to create. Cover each other’s backs when it gets hot and make sure to not leave traces behind that will lead to your safe place. Most importantly, don’t forget that you’re the prey here and the more you affect this world, the more it wants you dead.


Here, they are the hosts, and you are the guests. You step onto their territory and expect that they will be kind to you. They will be. Up until the moment when you begin getting their resources, killing the creatures that serve them, and affecting the world they have lived in for thousands of years before you arrived. At that point, their welcome ends. They are smart and they will hunt you, so you’d better find out who you are dealing with as soon as possible. Keep an eye on your surroundings and look for clues to learn more about the Wardens in your area, hide from their gaze, move often to mislead them, and hope you find them before they find you.


One of the most important things for us is to make Interlayer a long-living game with as many interesting features as possible. In order to achieve this, we made Interlayer extendable and modifiable from the beginning. Each entity, ability, item, creature, suit, etc. is separated into its own JSON file. The game is written in C# Unity and we provide a wide range of tools for those looking to implement new features in the Interlayer, such as a C# API, sector generation configurator, assets importer, etc. We’re also using Unity’s DOTS system, so you’ll be able to override the existing functionality as well. As we make the whole game as a mod for our engine, we will try to ensure there are no features you won’t be able to implement on your own.