We are a small self-funded indie team of 3 experienced developers and close friends, based in Hamburg, Germany.

Our biggest passion is gamedev, and therefore we have worked for multiple game development studios as software engineers throughout the last 10 years, participated in several game releases, and finally, decided to get together and form an indie studio to create our own project.

We love cooperative games. We enjoy playing games together as a team and we have played such titles as Don’t Starve, Hunt: Showdown, Terraria, Satisfactory, Valheim, Starcraft, Left 4 Dead, Deep Rock Galactic, Divinity: Original Sin, Endless Space 2, and many others. They are all just great games that we love and still play, but one day we realized that there was something missing. That’s how we came up with the idea of Interlayer.

Every day we connect in Discord and discuss project ideas, lore, game design features & technical challenges. Even though we have no funding and have to do full-time jobs to provide for our families, independent game development is still our greatest passion, so we learn 3D, visual effects, game design, and other topics apart from programming, to be able to finish the project the way we see it.

We named ourselves the Nightless Games because whenever we play games together, the time just runs fast and the nights are short. These are the type of games we want to make.

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