When is the release date?2022-01-03T18:16:53+00:00

Unfortunately, we cannot name any specific dates because we want the project to be perfectly polished before giving it to players.

However, we are planning several stages of beta testing, so we will definitely invite our most active players to participate in the test as soon as possible!

Please keep an eye on our Public Roadmap and Progress pages to keep up-to-date and don’t hesitate to join our Twitter and/or Discord to hear the news once we announce it!

Will Interlayer be playable alone?2021-12-29T21:59:08+00:00

Totally! You can play alone or with your friends – the difficulty of the game will adjust to amount of players!

How long have you been working on the game already?2021-12-29T21:53:10+00:00

The project has begun in March 2020. If you want to see how the project evolved through the years, have a look at the progress timeline!

What platforms you’re planning to release it on?2021-12-29T21:53:18+00:00

The game is designed to be played on both PC and consoles from the very beginning. However, our first goal is to release the version for PC and then port it to consoles.

How can I support the game?2022-01-03T18:28:22+00:00

We’re working on something pretty big in this area and we will keep you updated once this is live! ;)

For now, you can make a huge difference by helping us spread the word about the Interlayer via social media and playing an active role in our community on Discord and Twitter.


What is the game about?2022-01-03T18:15:04+00:00

Interlayer – is an action-adventure cooperative survival PVE (player versus environment) game with elements of RPG and Roguelike. Please read the page about the game to get more insights!

Will there be leveling in the game?2021-12-30T21:36:20+00:00

No, we’re not planning any character’s leveling at the moment.

However, you’ll be able to level your skills up instead of just leveling your character.

Will there be PvP content?2021-12-30T10:27:48+00:00

It is not planned for the game launch as we have to keep our plans realistic.

However, we’re looking into adding this possibility in the future after the game is launched.

Will there be different roles for players like a tank, support, DD, etc.?2021-12-30T10:32:47+00:00

Yes, but none of the players will be bound to one exact role.

The shell you equip defines your game style. However, it all depends mostly on your skillset rather than just on a shell you use, so most of the time you’re free to choose whatever role you want.

Moreover, the shells can be changed during the game, so you will have a lot of freedom in choosing your game style whenever you want.

Is there a change of day/night and weather?2021-12-30T10:22:07+00:00

Yes, there will be day/night cycles and weather conditions as well in the Interlayer.

Moreover, all of those will be also affected by the Wardens that control the area you’re in.

Will there be modding support?2021-12-31T10:51:54+00:00

Oh, yes. Modding is critically important for us, therefore we made our game extendable from the very beginning. There will be wide modding support and we will help our modders as much as we can to create new content for Interlayer!

How many playable characters will be in the Interlayer?2021-12-29T21:54:48+00:00

As many as we can develop :)

However, we’re trying to make everything extendable, so there definitely will be mods with new characters by mod makers!

Where can I learn more about the game’s universe?2021-12-30T10:00:32+00:00

We’re planning to create a public wiki with information about the world soon. Please follow us on Twitter and/or Discord to hear about that when it’s happening!


Are you looking for investments or publishing?2022-01-03T18:24:25+00:00

Yes, currently we aren’t funded and everything we have done has been done while working full-time jobs.

We’re open to hearing about any proposal you have!

Send us an email at interlayergame@gmail.com and we will get back to you shortly!

How can I get in touch with the team?2021-12-29T21:53:00+00:00

We’re there for you in the Discord during work hours and that’s the best way to get a quick answer.

However, if you prefer emails, don’t hesitate to contact us by sending us one to interlayergame@gmail.com!

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